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A Summer Favourite

Nothing beats the gentle breeze provided by a fan on a warm summer night! We can fit your fan or we can supply and fit one of ours.

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LED Solar Skylight


Free Light, Night and Day

Our Solar Powered LED Skylight is a fantastic option for applications where the installation of a Maxlight® skylight is structurally not possible. SolarBright® Solar LED Solar light uses a 40w high-performance solar panel, quality LEDs, modern diffuser kit and energy storage capability for night usage.SolarBright® Solar LED Skylight is a highly advanced Australian made solution to deliver free lighting both day & night.

Product Advantage

  • – Can fit almost anywhere even in multi-level applications.
  • – Free light
  • – Modern indoor light fixtures
  • – Can work day & night
  • – 40w powerful solar panel
  • – Available in 250mm & 400mm
  • – Excellent performance 2800 Lumens & 3800 Lumens
  • – Can be turned ON & Off using the remote control.
  • – No carbon footprint
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Pendent Lighting


Highlight with a Highlight

Pendant lights are the most popular ceiling lights as they can double up as decorative, mood-setting pieces and functional light sources. Popular above a kitchen island bench, above bedside furniture or where ever highlights the need to be accentuated. You saw that ideal pendant, let us install it for you.


Power where you need it

Got that area in your home that could do with an extra PowerPoint or two. We can sort it out for you with our licensed electrician.



Helping your Home keep its Cool

Solar Powered Roof Fans are a simple and environmentally sensible solution that can protect your home, roof and even save you money. Powered completely by free solar energy, our sleek and efficient MaxBreeze roof vent is compact, quiet, powerful & can be rotated to face the sun so it can be installed in any location! The function of a solar roof fan is to improve air circulation in the roof cavity, reducing heat & moisture build-up and resulting in a healthier and more energy-efficient home. Solar roof fans during summer months keep your roof-space cooler, resulting in a cooler home and savings on other ‘cooling’ costs. During winter months, they prevent moisture build-up, keeping the roof space dry and fresh, reducing mould and wood rot. Our Solar Bright Solar Roof Fans are the best in their class and offer an exceptional 15-year product warranty
– the best in Australia.

  • – Reduces heat & moisture build-up inside the roof cavity.
  • – Reduces the energy cost of running air conditioners.
  • – Helps to make the home more comfortable.
  • – Protect roof insulation from moisture saturation
  • – Green product uses FREE energy, pays for itself.
  • – No other product can match the features and price.
  • – Australian made, designed and owned.
  • – Works day & night (with optional battery pack).
  • – Sleek and stylish design with slim pitch & Leakproof – fits all roofs and all locations.
  • – More Effective Than A Whirlybird
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Free Light Year Round !


The MAXLIGHT® series of skylights by Solarbright® set a new benchmark for the Daylighting Systems made in Australia. The range comes in 3 different models (sizes), the ML250, the ML400 and the ML500. MAXLIGHT® skylights have been engineered to harness the daylight-like no other tubular skylight on the market. With an industry-leading 20 year warranty, outstanding performance and our highly competitive pricing, Solarbright® MAXLIGHT® series of skylights are excellent value for money.


If you need an effective yet affordable skylight, then you can’t go wrong with the Spectrum skylight tube. This versatile product is available in two models, the SP250 and the SP400 depending on which room you require it for. The high-quality construction ensures that natural light can easily enter your home, and spread evenly through your space. With an industry-leading 10-year warranty and our highly competitive pricing, Solar Brights® Spectrum® series of skylights are amazing value for money.

Spectrum Tubular Skylights
Home Design Budget Tubular Skylights


Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t still pick up a quality skylight for your home or workplace. It’s never been easier to pick up a product that will conveniently catch the sun’s rays, and spread them evenly around the room. In situations where you may only require a little additional light, these products provide an attractive option. The Budget series of skylights by Solar Bright® offer consumers a well made, flexible tube skylight in 2 different models (sizes), the BU250 and the BU400. Our Budget skylights have been engineered to allow the sunlight to travel into your home or workplace through our reflective, flexible tubing. They are perfect for small drops, into spaces where only small amounts of additional light are required. With an industry-leading 7-year warranty and our highly competitive pricing, Solar Brights® Budget series of skylights are amazing value for money.


An attractive mechanical ventilation unit can be incorporated with your Solar Bright MaxLight 250mm Skylights. This is a great option for all areas that require natural lighting and ventilation such as Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Laundries…etc. Solar Bright Ventilated skylights are ideal where ventilation and light are required as a combination. They can be installed in bathrooms, ensuites, laundries, kitchens and other rooms.


Turn down your Free light from the sun with a Dimmer kit.


Utilise the Skylight shaft and diffuser by adding an electric light for night time use.

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