External Window Furnishing And Awnings



Tough and Transparent

Available in Bullnose or flat translucent panels. A Carb-O-Lite window awning system allows the awnings to be set at any angle. The rear receiving channel is affixed and the awning simply clicks in and fastened. You can set the awning to any pitch to suit your needs. The awnings come in projections of up to 1600mm and are available in a variety of colour choices where you can mix and match. There are five (5) sheet choices of 8mm twin walled polycarbonate and four (4) aluminium joining bar colours. However, for an extra charge, we are able to powder coat to any special colour.


Blockout the Sun and Intruders

The ideal external window covering to keep out all the elements. Ideal for Shift workers who need to turn day into night. Great deterrent to home Invasion with their solid track and headbox design.

  • – Insulation – Up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer & 50% reduction in sound transfer
  • – Light control – 100% light block out
  • – Added security
  • – Wide range of colours
  • – Minimum roll up size
  • – Style choices
  • – Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • – Protection from the elements

We offer full repairs to your existing shutters, including motor replacement, Conversion from manual wind up to DC or electric control modes.



Outdoors to Indoors

Our aluminium external shutters are a stylish and practical addition to any home or business. We use the highest quality T5 aluminium – the same material used in aviation. It is lightweight but extremely durable.
We have four standard colours in a high UV powder coating. There is a wide range of options to suit every situation, including;

  • – Fixed
  • – Sliding
  • – Bi-fold
  • – Hinged shutters


Stylish and Contemporary

Effective and complete protection from the elements in a compact package, available in multiple custom designs. Perfect for use on a porch or near a swimming pool, this awning is the ultimate in ease of use. Apart from the usual crank and gearbox manual control, it is available with an optional remote control, powered by a superior tubular motor. Also available is a wind-sun sensor, which automatically extends or retracts the awning depending wind speed or sunlight. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about control at all!



Simple and Practical

Automatic Lock Arm Awnings have a spring-loaded top roller and guide rails that are a fitted flush to the wall with standout arms. This awning is adjusted by guiding the arms up and down the rails. It will automatically lock-in when the arms are released in a 90⁰ position. It is operated by hand from outside and resists high winds. Great for ground floor applications, narrow walkways and situations that require the awning to be as close to a window as possible.


  • Arm sizes from 150mm standouts through to 600mm (increments of 150mm).
  • Keep your home cooler in summer
  • Hoods available in a range of colours
  • Auto lock in, when the arms are released in a 90⁰ position.
  • Scalloped, Straight or no valance options
  • Operated by hand from outside, resists high winds
Beige Blinds


Bring your Awning back to Life!

Your awning is exposed to the sun, wind, dust and so many other things whilst out in the open. It’s only natural that with time, the fabric wears out and becomes discoloured. There’s a solution to this too! You can easily get the fabric replaced on your awnings and make them look as good as new with an Awning Reskin. We provide a wide range of fabric brands and options that will suit your every need. When it comes to Awning Reskins, we have a wide range of types, brands and colours to bring more life into your home or office environment and give it a fresh new look. Whether you’re looking to replace the fabric of your screens, folding arm awnings or roof systems, we’ve got you covered!

Fabric Options

  • PVC
  • Clear PVC
  • Acrylic
  • Screen Mesh
Fabric Options


Alfressco King

When you want to turn your outdoor entertaining area or Alfresco into an extra room in your house, then you need Zip Blinds. Add value to your home whilst keeping out insects and the elements. Our Zip blinds use a compact headbox and guide rail system that is unique to us because of its hidden spring-tensioned blind. Our blind system is automatically tensioned meaning changing temperatures do not affect its operation, unlike our competitor’s products.

Zip Track Blinds
Our Zip Track Blinds can be equipped via remote control with electrical operation using a tubular motor. For the ultimate in comfort, an automatic wind-sun sensor regulates the awning, depending on the light intensity and wind speed. Manual operation using a crank and gearbox is also available.

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